Free Downloadable (Digitized) Sheet Music Sites

The websites listed below will allow you to download PDF files or JPEG images of sheet music which is not under copyright. This usually means it was initially published before the middle of 1923.
This list is hardy exhaustive, but it will get you started.

The first two sites on the list are actually common entry points for several libraries.

Be careful with the NYC Public Library URL, it is extremely long and must be typed on your browser address line EXACTLY as shown. The easiest way to save it is to click on it on this page and then save it to your "favorites" or "bookmarks" in your web browser.

Sheet Music Consortium by UCLA

IN Harmony: Sheet Music From Indiana

Johns Hopkins University, Lester Levy Collection

Duke University Libraries

Library Of Congress, Historic American Sheet Music

University Of Oregon Libraries

Kirk Collection of Artist/Professional Sheet Music

Kirk Collection of band Stock Arrangements

Rare Ragtime Sheet Music

University Of Colorado Libraries

Detroit Pulic Library, E. Azalia Hackley Collection

New York (City) Public Library¬word=&d=&c=&f=&k=0&lWord=&lField=&sScope=&sLevel=&sLabel=&snum=0&imgs=20

University Of North Carolina Library

Band Music PDF Library

Christmas Carol Sheet Music

More lists of sources of sheet music:

IMSLP web site

Perfessor Bill web site (Getting a little old, some of the links are obsolete.)