This offer is made to participants in the 2022 NOTJC
as a souvenir of the event.

Video Disc Order Form 2022 New Orleans Traditional Jazz Camp Friday Recital Print this form, fill it in and Mail to: Phil Wilking P. O. Box 1225 Metairie, LA 70004-1225 USA Available as a set of 2 high definition, 1920 X 1080p, BluRay video discs;
or a set of 2 standard definition, NTSC (old USA standard), DVD video discs;

This is the entire afternoon straight through without any cuts.
There are chapter stops for each "act" so you can skip the lost time between them.

The price for each set of discs includes mailing worldwide. ______ Set(s) of High Definition (1920 X 1080p) BluRay Discs @$20/set $__________ ______ Set(s) of Standard Definition (NTSC) Video DVD's @$15/set $__________
Total enclosed $__________ These prices are solely to recover my production costs. A check on a USA bank (no non-USA banks), or a money order, please. Cash is VERY risky. I do not do credit cards or electronic money transfers. Your Name Street Town State Zip (Postal) Code