This offer is made to participants in the 2017 NOTJC as a
souvenir of the event.

Video Disc Order Form 2017 New Orleans Traditional Jazz Camp Thursday Recital Send to: Phil Wilking P. O. Box 1225 Metairie, LA 70004-1225 Available as a set of 2 high definition, 1080p, BluRay video discs;
or a set of 2 standard definition, NTSC (old USA standard), DVD video discs;
or a single high definition computer video file (no menu) on a BluRay disc.
This is the entire afternoon straight through and runs over 3 hours.
Note that the computer file will play only on a PC, not a television set.
The price for each set of discs includes mailing worldwide. ______ Set(s) of 2 High Definition (1080p) BluRay Discs @$25/set $__________ ______ Set(s) of 2 Standard Definition Video DVD's @$20/set $__________ ______ Single High Definition (1080p) computer file BluRay disc @$20 $__________ Total enclosed $__________ These prices are solely to recover my production costs. A money order or a check on a USA bank (no non-USA banks), please. Cash is VERY risky. I do not do credit cards. Your Name Street Town State Zip (Postal) Code